How to play

YOU ARE THE RED SQUARE, and you must shoot everything else. More points are scored the more enemies are on screen.

Initial controls

WASD to move, cursor keys to fire, space to activate your smart bomb.


Joystick, initially set up for (on my Logitech pad) left stick to move, right stick or right-hand diamond buttons to fire, plus button '6' as bomb.

ESC to quit current game, or from title screen to exit the game totally. Any key, or joystick shoot-up, to start.


RUNNER: Keeps going in one direction

SPREADER: Sits there, spawning a new spreader periodically

WALL: Slowly travels across the grid, growing with each step

HOMER: Constantly moves towards the player

BOMB: Shoot it before it explodes to gain a bomb. Otherwise it'll explode into...

SHRAPNEL: ...which flies off in all 8 directions

I forget where exactly the music I nicked came from. One's a Turrican cover, that I know. Sound effects are from various C64 games. Uses SDL, OpenGL and FMOD for sound.


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