A remake of an old C64 game, again. Use arrow keys and space for teleport, destroy everything, get to exit. 'R' on the title screen will reset the save. The animated tiles can be gone over twice, so long as you're holding a direction when you land on them the first time.

Made with HaxeFlixel after I noticed the Flash version had started running slow at some point, and is, well, in Flash. Pretty much everything has been pinched from the original.

Have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the HaxeFlixel and Visual Studio Code workflow. Exporting to Windows as well was a doddle.

Just ripping a 4K SID file to a big Ogg file for the music makes me a bit itchy, though. I'll try porting one of the simpler SID players across one of these days.

Sources and that

Windows version. Looks quite nice fullscreen.

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